Google has forbidden the installation of any extensions that take the processor time of the computer to the Chrome Web Store and use it for mining

It’s all the more common to see that certain websites, malware programs, and up until now completely benevolent Google Chrome add-ons begin with “cryptojacking”, i.e. by robbing the processor time of the computer, which is then used for mining the crypts.

And while in the fight against this phenomenon on the web you can fight various add-ons for Internet browsers, installing “miner” in the add-ons is a little harder to spot and prevent – unless it is done by the browser company in question. It was Google’s move to this move, as their experts noticed that more and more Chrome extensions, besides their primary functionality, began to illegally mined crypts for their authors in the background.

For this reason, you have updated the rules in your application’s repository, Chrome Web Store, to ban this practice. So far, Chrome has been able to install add-ons that have notified the user about mining, and in cases when it was their primary purpose – there were too many developers who did not comply with the default rules. Google has therefore decided to prohibit any form of mining (both reported and background) via Chrome plugins.

Blockchain extensions have not been affected by this ban. New plug-ins that try something mining will not be accepted on the Chrome Web Store, and all existing bits will then be ejected by the end of June.

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