The last time in this city was more than ten centimeters of snow in April in 2003.
Snow in April brought 13 inches of snow cover to the streets of New York, Jay Engle, a meteorologist from the National Weather Service, said on Monday.

Snow also fell in the north of New Jersey, and snow alerts were also issued for West Virginia and Massachusetts.

This amount of snow has not been recorded in April since 1982, when 24 centimeters of snow fell on April 6.

This is the seventh largest thickness of snow cover recorded in April, according to the Washington Post.

In Connecticut, where a second video footage was recorded, most snow fell in Greenwich. The 93-year lease was canceled at international airports “John F. Kennedy” and “LaGuardia”.

In New York, the last time more than ten centimeters of snow in April was recorded in 2003, Bloomberg reported.

The usual temperatures for April are about 12 degrees Celsius, so it will not take much time for the snow to dissolve, said Engle.

According to him, up to 16 degrees Celsius is expected in New York by Wednesday.

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