Paris Hilton and her fiancé Chris Zylka were partying in a Miami nightclub when the requested ring, valued at two million euros, was fired in a disheveled dance of the rich heiress.

Who has not lost something in a nightclub in his life? We could assure that almost everyone and Paris Hilton is not an exception either. The rich heiress lost her engagement ring during a party at a well-known nightclub in Miami. According to The New York Post tell witnesses who were there: “Paris was dancing like crazy with his hands up, when his ring shot out of his finger and was lost in the crowd”

The jewel, which is valued at two million euros, was given to her by her fiancé Chris Zylka as an engagement ring. A piece with a very special design: a large twenty-carat diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds. The couple that has been dating for two years and got engaged during a trip to Aspen get married in a few weeks.

Her fiancé was one of many attendees who helped the actress find the jewel using flashlights and inspected the entire room.

Finally, the ring appeared inside a champagne bucket: “Paris cried with relief when she found out that they had found it inside the bucket” according to one of the sources. A normal reaction considering the economic and sentimental value of the jewel.

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