The actor Wilmer Valderrama has published a comment about an image of Maluma on Instagram with a great lack of spelling that surely when you see it will hurt your eyes.

Wilmer Valderrama is one of many Hispanics who although born in the United States, his origin is Latin, he was born in Miami but his parents are Venezuelans.

For this reason, the interpreter speaks Spanish perfectly and proudly carries his Latin origins. But, this time Wilmer has had a slip with the language at the time of writing that has attracted a lot of attention due to a lack of spelling that will surely hurt your eyes.

Everything has been through an image that Maluma has uploaded to his Instagram account in which he says: “Thanks to you I am the youngest Colombian artist to make a #SoldOut in @thegarden Today I do not sleep of happiness !!! THANK YOU!!!”.

A great news that Valderrama wanted to celebrate with the following comment: “God sell you brother”, without realizing that bless is written with b.

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