Kim Kardashian is obsessed with the idea of ​​having a perfect figure. So much so, that he usually resorts to digital retouching to shape his curves. But there are times that the use of Photoshop Kardashian is out of hand, as on this occasion … But after all the controversy that has been generated around this photo, Kim has decided to answer his followers ensuring that this It happened because of a fan.

Kim Kardashian takes care of her figure to the extreme. Since giving birth to her second son Saint West two years ago, the celebrity has undergone a demanding regime to recover her body. But it seems that this is not enough, and Kim uses digital retouching to look perfect in his photographs.

In one of them, Kim appears dressed in a sporty look. With tights and a wide sweatshirt, Kim boasts a narrow waist and toned thighs. But there is cheating. Behind the celebrity you can see a totally deformed car. The vehicle seems to have been narrowed, in the same way that Kim’s waist has been tightened.

The publication has been harshly criticized by the followers of the star of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ who joked about the misuse of Photoshop, and compared the car with a flying saucer.

Kim has kept the photo retouched and has assured that this mistake has been the fault of a fan since she simply published the photo that he had already published days ago through his networks: “So ridiculous! I shared an image that had already published a fan, I just added a filter, it seems that this put the mirror effect and that’s the reason why the car looks like this.

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