The StatCounter company has published a regular report on the presence of operating systems worldwide. Recall, Windows 10 has already moved Windows 7 into the number of users at the beginning of the year. In January 2018, 42.78% of users were used worldwide, while Windows 7 used 41.86%.

Slowly but surely, Windows 10 continued to increase its presence in relation to the most popular Windows 7 ever. In February 2018, the dummy had 43.53% of users, and in March 2018 it was 43.95%.

As the number of Windows 10 users increased, the number of Windows 7 users was reduced. During the last two months of the week, the number of users was lost, so its representation in February 2018 was 41.59% and in March was 41.51%.

As for other versions of Windows, third place is Windows 8.1, which in March had 7.99% of users. Right behind, the fourth place is Windows XP with 3.43% of users. At the fifth and sixth place, there are Windows 8 and Vista with 2.44% and 0.61% respectively.

In the seventh place are all other versions like Windows 2000, Windows NT and older, which is currently 0.08% in the world. According to Steam data, Windows 10 has become increasingly accepted by gamers

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